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#SnapHappyBritMums Photo Challenge Day 13 - 16

#SnapHappyBritMums Photo Challenge Day 13 - 16

We went away this week to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest and me trying to be organised thought I would be able to post each day but the lack of internet stopped me with my photo challenge. I was able to get them on our Instagram but not the blog. But that is not bad as it allowed me to play more!
Instead of doing 4 separate posts I thought I would just share this one of the days we were away.

Day 13
''Landscape'' was the word we were given for today. As we were staying in the middle of the forest we were obviously very lucky with what was around us. On one of the days, we took a walk around the lake and as the sun was shining down my sister captured this shot of Etta and I. It was a pretty nice view and even though it was freezing, the sun shone down and warmed your face. I love weather like that!

Day 14
Today's phrase was ''Out and About''. I always love blankets and while we were out walking Etta was wrapped up in some gorgeous printed ones. What is a lovely thing about being in a pushchair is just how comfy they look. Babies are always bundled in with soft cuddly things around them. Etta's mix of patterns just looked so pretty, I thought it was a good way to show you us out and about!

Day 15
I actually shared two photos today as I used some shots from a previous family photo shoot. I loved the colours in this shoot as it was a bright day in early Autumn. The word was ''Walking'' so I thought they fitted quite well. We were around Lincoln Cathedral for this shoot and if you click HERE you can see the original shoot which has some great photos in.

Day 16
Today's phrase was ''Family time''. My photo shows the exact opposite of this as this is me floating in the pool on holiday by myself as Rob and Raph (not in photo) swim towards me! I think it's also nice to recognise that even when you are having family time, your mind can still be elsewhere and that is not a bad thing. Giving your head that space is good, even if it is two minutes!

I will now revert back to the post per day so keep a look out for one today for day 17!

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