Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Snow Day.

Today, February 28th 2018 Our children experienced their first ever snow day. Luckily for us it meant that our entire day could be written off and we could all just be at home. As expected, we went out, we stayed in, I walked and we all just had a real snow day.
Instead of writing about it I thought I would just share today's pictures. 
Happy Snow Day.


A seasonal snowman.

We walked to the Grandparents for lunch. Very Apres Ski style.

Lincoln Bailgate. Without the kids.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Why Blazers Are My New Best Friend. {Ft. NEXT}

Blazers have really become my new best friend. It's hard to think about that as the snow falls down around us but in the last month I have had plenty of blazer days. 
The thing is, when you are a bit lost in the sea of "what to wear" owning a few good blazers will give you instant outfits that will carry you through a few all weather days. For me though, it isn't always about the blazer. Really it's about the good basics that you pair with it and that will never let you down. A white tee and jeans is the ultimate combo for wearing any kind of blazer with. Honestly, this is what you need to give you the basic formula for easy dressing. 

I know for us women denim is the hardest thing to be satisfied with. I know. I spend my life looking at jeans and as I am in them almost every day I have found that there really is a big need for getting jeans that fit and wear well. Most of my jeans nowadays are from NEXT. There are a few exceptions but when it comes to fashion jeans for a good price, I can guarantee next is where I will go. I remember my love for next jeans developing just after I had Etta. At 26 and with two kids, a boy and a girl, I found myself shopping in NEXT quite a bit. It suited me, the Lincoln store was spacious and outside of the city so heading there with a double buggy to kill some time was what I loved to do. It was in NEXT that I first got my body confidence back after having a baby. And (this is no lie) I remember the first pair of size 10 jeans I got back in to whilst in their changing rooms and squealing a bit for joy. If you have had children you may know that feeling. Post pregnancy and just touching on the edge of getting back to "normal". It is a great feeling and one which actually meant I only really got my jeans from there for a long while. Nowadays there is so much choice but I do usually say 'buy cheap, buy twice' so for me, quality comes with spending that bit more. What is great about NEXT though is they are a really fair price and they last. I am desperate to get last summer's wide leg jeans back out, so looking forward to that, I think I have 4 pairs in 4 different colours, I loved them so!!

Back to today's thoughts though and for me, good denim, a pretty white tee and a nice clean cut blazer lends itself to me feeling like I tried even though the 3 items and actually ones which need no thought in putting together. Teamed with some fashionable loafers in a nude pink colour and this (much coveted) basket weave bag, this outfit will see me from February through to spring and beyond.

How easy. 

* All the products shown were gifted for this post.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Spring Dress & Packing Those Jumpers Away {FT. Boden Of Course!}

So I said these posts would come along. Sharing part of my Boden 10 Pieces and this being the first of the posts, I thought I would start with a couple of dresses that are for now and beyond.
I don't wear dresses enough these days. It's probably just the weather and the fact that I don't like wearing chunky black tights with these kinds. Still waiting for those spring temperatures to come in a bit more so I can more confidently go out and brave the bare legs!
Spring style always has us all wanting to reach for the soft colours. For me, this is so true and we almost begin to match what we wear to the beautiful soft shades of spring flowers. This SYBIL DRESS in the pink is a great way to start your spring style dressing. Its soft shades lend itself to all those emotions we are feeling and it just summarises Britain in spring time. 

It's a hard thing getting out of woolly jumpers. I should know, they are an almost daily occurrence and packing them away, as such, it's a hard transition to make. We are a nation of loving all things cosy. Knitted, chunky jumpers are our Hygge after all and stepping away from that is hard. In reality we have cold days all year regardless of the season and for some of us right now our weather is still in the depths of winter, but with every little crop of snow drops I keep thinking "It's coming". The time to wear less layers, the time when coats actually fit properly as the jumpers underneath have gone down a tog or two, the time when I can say "Wearing no socks today was a good idea!!".
The transition is always a big one and I always peak too soon. I mean right now I am sat in 3 tops and a chunky jumper, but with cropped jeans and Mary Janes with no socks on. It makes no sense!! But it is because I am embracing those snowdrops and the sunny intervals we get and saying, "Look Spring, I am ready and waiting". 
Putting away the jumpers though, maybe that is too soon. My newest best friend is a cashmere scarf. It seems to go well with everything and it is just the right size for wearing with a top and coat instead of a jumper and coat. I feel like I am breaking out of my chrysalis with ridding myself of the jumper. And why not? Not only have I got this pretty pink dress to wear I also have it in RED too which is great for right now. Being darker I feel that it still is appropriate to wear on the dull grey days and not look like I have jumped into summer. I love the rich blue and red together. I think it really suits me. What's great about this dress as well is, for now, and even through any season it looks great with trainers!

It is almost a must now that you own a pair of trainers and wear them with everything. Dresses or suits, it is now totally acceptable to show up in your sneakers and no one even questions it!
For me, this is laid back luxe and the absolute perfect way to get ready for the warmer weather. Get those legs out and get the jackets on. It's all you need and it feels great.

What is great about this style of fashion is that it is for all. A shirt dress is so complimentary to any shape and with the tie waist it is just begging for you to pull it on and give it some shape. That's the thing with BODEN, they know how to dress women!

So what am I wearing?
Cream bag {OLD}
Black Jacket and Bag {OLD}

*Post in collaboration with Boden
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