Thursday, 25 August 2016

Our Holiday To Norfolk.

I actually cannot believe we have been home nearly two weeks since our family holiday to Norfolk. The time has just flown by and here I am only just writing about it! I must say I will be glad when normal routines resume and the swing of blogging can get back to normal! However that would would mean that the family is split more and maybe I am not quite ready for that to happen again! 
This year we went off to Norfolk for our summer holidays. At the moment the thought of taking our kids overseas does scare me but maybe that's just because they are young and it would be new territory. When the time comes I can't wait to take them exploring and seeing new wonders. Travel is amazing and I love to see the beauty of new places. This country however has so many places still for us to explore. There is so much beauty here that I am happy to holiday on this island while our children grow. 
Norfolk is becoming a regular though, it is so easy for us to get to and so beautiful. I think my favourite part is the style of architecture. Norfolk homes have a certain look and I just love driving past the houses and seeing the villages looking so picturesque! 
We stayed in the tiny village of Great Snoring, what I fantastic name right? It was a beautiful old farm house that Rob's family booked for a bit of an extended family holiday, available to anyone who wanted to come so we were able to have a great time with relatives. 
It was huge though, could sleep at least 17 and had 2 sitting rooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry, store room, it was just vast and perfect for old and young! 
Outside their was a pond, fully fenced off and recessed way back. A barn for table tennis, an orchard and a beautiful large veranda for sitting out in. 
It was a perfect base for us who weren't necessarily interested in actually being at the house, but ready to go off and explore in the day and keep the kids in a normal routine in the evening. 
We ate all of our evening meals as a big family at the house. It was really nice, each couple taking it in turns to cook. And with the living rooms there was space for our kids to play and space for other adults to relax.

We spent most of our time away from the house in reality though! Being totally blessed with great weather meant that Sheringham beach was where we chose to spend most of our time. It is a gorgeous pebbled beach which stretches around the coastline for miles offering plenty of space to find a more special spot for you to spend your day away from the business of the main Sheringham beach. 

Rob used to holiday in the Sheringham area as a child, and he took us there last year. This year however was the year that it created some very happy memories for us. The kids were great and loved it. The weather was so gorgeous that for the first time in years I sat in just a swim suit on the beach for hours and the water was so good that I even was able to body board properly (big waves) which I haven't done since Raph was 6 weeks old which was the last time we went to Cornwall (where my family always holiday). 

It was just fantastic. The kids were good, they were entertained, they loved playing and at one point Rob and I both laid down on the beach and relaxed with the kids just in front of us, able to play amongst themselves; it was amazing!

One thing that our kids did struggle with was the taste of the sea water. It was quite funny really but that first splash when they bounded in to play was so shocking for them. Both of them in tears asking to go to a swimming pool but after that they remembered most of the time to keep their mouths shut! Sheringham fortunately has a big pool so on one of the days we went there instead of the beach to let the kids dive and swim a bit more. Our kids, and us as a matter of fact, love water.
On the one rainy day we had we didn't head to the water, but instead to Norfolk Lavender which is a fab place for the family. There is a big indoor play area but also a fab outdoor one with small animal enclosures. Then you have the views of the fabulous lavender and some lovely garden walks. It is a great place for the days when you don't have anything to do. We also tried some of their Lavender cake which is definitely one to try, what an unusual flavour! 

As far as Norfolk goes, I think it will be one of those places that we as a family go back to each year. At the moment it is very easy to get to. Just 2 hours travel, easy access to a lot of places, and a beautiful area to either camp are rent homes in for a summer break. 
With young children it is perfect and as a family we are creating many happy memories as we return each time. 

As if there weren't enough photos, here are a few more!

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