Tuesday, 20 January 2015

After Tea Treat

After Tea Treat

It's always good when you can get kids to eat all their dinner. Today both Raph and Etta were being very fussy at the table, I think they were both tired but by the end of the meal we had empty plates so that was all that mattered.

As an after dinner treat I thought the kids would enjoy some chocolate and fruit. They absolutely love raspberries and as we had a fresh box in it was only fair to give them some. I decided to mix them with a few smarties and put them in one of our jam jar drinking glasses that we like to use. They looked so cute and were a much welcomed snack. We are lucky that our kids love fruit but if you have a fussy eater maybe preparing something like this might encourage them to eat something different. 

Obviously this kind of treat is not just for kids! I will be having my own portion later!

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