Thursday, 1 January 2015

January Blues

January Blues

We hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas break celebrating with family and friends. For us, we pretty much hibernated and chilled out after a very busy year. Rob got just over a week off and we filled it will just chilling at home, seeing family and spending time together as a family. Here and there we all got a bit under the weather but as we tried not to busy ourselves too much we seemed to make a week feel like 3 and now feel like we are ready to get back into work.

I am sure for a lot of you, you might not have the same feelings. It is hard getting out of the party feeling and realising that normality begins to flow back into your life. As I don't work full time, I find it easier. I used to struggle a lot more when I would go back to 5 full days after such nice breaks.

You hear the term 'January Blues' being banded around quite a bit. The festive period of parties is over and everyone is getting back into their everyday routine. The only thing to be thinking about is your new year's resolution and how to not eat all of the Christmas chocolates in one sitting.

As far as getting over the dark cold mornings; think of spring. It isn't too far away and for me, flowers are always the thing to brightening up your day. Your local florists will start stocking beautiful spring blooms soon enough and things like Hyacinths and tulips will be readily available to us all!

Bringing flowers into the home after all of the Christmas decorations have come down allows you to feel that those bare spaces aren't so plain when a bright bunch of flowers is sat on the table.

So brighten up your home and try not to get too depressed about this quiet month.


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