Tuesday, 20 January 2015

*Love Lincoln* - Lindum Books

*Love Lincoln* - Lindum Books

As part of our Love Local feature of us showing you some of Lincolns lovely independent shops, I thought I would share with you a beautiful little bookshop that can be found in the Bailgate area of uphill Lincoln.
This little nook is a perfect place to spend some time browsing new titles and an emporium of second hand books. 
This lovely 2 story shop is decorated with floor to ceiling shelves and beautiful hand painted murals on the walls. The staff are friendly and have a huge knowledge of their products and this really is a little treat of a place to shop in the heart of the city.

You know that I love children's books and Lindum books has a lovely kids section of beautiful titles with beautiful pictures. The bottom floor of the shop has a cosy corner by the children's books for sitting and browsing whilst the rest of the shop houses all new titles in all genres.

Heading upstairs you find rooms stacked with piles of second hand books covering lots of topics. It is nice to sit and just look through the large selection. I can spend hours just looking. 

This shop is a beautiful example of someone's love for books. bringing an independent book shop to a city where you have a few big brands selling books and you are also against internet competition shows how determined this business is to succeed. I think it is great seeing a independent bookshop on our high street again offering a lovely buying experience.

If you are locals and have never been into Lindum books, I would urge you to before hopping on to the internet. If you fancy visiting the city then indulge in the lovely Independent stores that Lincoln has to offer. These shops will not last unless we support them.

Link to Lindum Books' Facebook page HERE!

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