Monday, 19 January 2015

Changing The Bed

Changing The Bed

We have been struggling with Raphael's sleeping habits recently and have found him coming into our room every night and climbing into our bed. He is very stealth at doing so and Rob has been good at taking him back and putting him to sleep in his own bed. He is a very light sleeper and he is an early riser which has always been the way. A few months ago we bought a ''Gro-Clocks'' that uses light to show a child when they can get up. He is obsessed by it and loves it when the sun comes up but he doesn't stay in bed until the sun comes up which is it's main teaching point.
To help him want to stay in bed I gave his room a good sort out and I changed the bed around today. I thought that maybe making it look different and special might make him feel like he wants to be in there more. I wanted to just give him a nice space that looks fresher and different. He has a lovely room which we decorated just before Etta was born when he moved out of the nursery. Most of his toys live in his room and he is lucky enough to have Rob's electric drum kit in there to make it a proper boys' room. By giving it a re-jig it will help him want to stay in there.

After sorting through the bookshelf and after adding a new blanket to the bed, Raph and Etta both seem taken with the different layout and wanted to just sit and read on the bed. It was lovely just pottering around and moving things.

I hope that he feels more comfortable, in a way I am trying to trick him into staying in bed. I have put his clock on the windowsill so he can see it clearly from his bed and I put Rob's globe light next to his bed so he can use it as a night light. The usual soft cuddlies are on the bed waiting and there isn't any reason why he shouldn't stay here. Here's hoping that he does and we can get him to sleep through!

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