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Be courageous with children's wear!

As far as dressing our children goes I always try and steer clear of heavily graphic clothing. I really hate things with TV characters on them, I find them garish and it is not something I like to buy. The only exception ever has been Minnie and Mickey Mouse and that's about it. As far as character dressing goes we leave that to the dressing up box and have the odd day of being someone else. 
When Courage & Kind first contacted me I was intrigued to see what was so special about this branding. The name alone drew me in straight away as it reminded me about how much I loved the new Cinderella film's saying, " Have courage and be kind". It was just so perfect. Seeing their clothes just made my jaw drop. Not only was this a company who are using Disney branding, but you will have never seen it designed so stylishly. The beautiful shades, shapes and artistic work on the boys and girls items was something that made me think that our children would look beautiful In this.
Not only have Courage & Kind created something that appeals to children due to the character printing on them but they make me as a parent want my children to be able to wear items with some of their favourite characters on them. This is something that no product has ever done before. I WANT Raph to wear this Star Wars T-shirt and shorts as its print design is just so clever! I mean, characters hidden under either the flowery pattern is just so ingenious. Etta's little salute to Cinderella with her lovely linen trousers with princess belt and traditional ballet style vest was just simple and beautiful! A real pull on outfit that she could move and play in straight away, I mean check out the muddy knees! 
As soon as I opened the brown paper package tied with string from Courage & Kind I felt that I had found something really precious. Something that will keep my children looking stylish and still allow them to dress their age really is a great find. When children are forced to be "mini me's" in the way they dress (I know, I do it sometimes) it is nice to just find a brand that still is passionate for the innocence and child like love for Disney. 

Congratulations Courage & Kind, you have created the most gorgeous collection of clothing for children. Your individual designs and efforts for keeping it simple yet stylish have really paid off! I absolutely adore this range; you make me feel that I want to wear Disney again!

Giulietta wore; Ballroom VestBlue Trousers
Raphael wore; Stormtroopers TeeCamo Shorts
Have a look at the whole Courage & Kind collection!

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A lifetime with Roberts Radios

Have you ever been asked:
"If you have to save one thing in a fire what would it be?"
Obviously most of us would immediately say our family but excluding loved ones what would it be?
Since I have owned my Roberts Radio it has always been that. For many, many years it was my most precious item and as it was a gift from my Grandparents on my 16th birthday it has very special meaning. I remember going to Peter Rhodes in Market Rasen to pick it out. I went for the hot pink Revival radio, as at the time the Revival range was coming into fashion and I had seen it in all my mum's homey magazines.
I remember not long after I got mine, my mum got a sage green one and as my grandparents still had their original Roberts Radio, we quickly found ourselves being fans of the brand.

Now 12 years on, my Revival FM radio sits in my bedroom still in perfect working condition apart from a few scuffs over years of use and movement. Its bright pink colour has retained it's glow and the FM signal is picked up perfectly. This really is a brand that lasts and lasts. It is amazing to think how these days technology is only built to last a few years. I mean some brands change their design every six months making people go wild for the newest models. But then you have Roberts Radio who just produce amazing pieces that last for year and years.

Part of the connection with my love for them was what made Rob and I also buy them for my siblings as they have got married. We thought one would make a beautiful gift for my brother Ed and his wife Bunty and then this year when my sister Kizzy married Anthony we decided to make it our tradition for all my siblings. My brother Freddie has just proposed to his girlfriend Sarah so guys: surprise, surprise, you will be really pleased with the steak knives we have got you!! Jokes!! It really has become a brand that is part of our family. 

I personally love the Revival range. It is the colours that draw you in and the sleek, simple shape and gold detailing makes it a perfect accessory for any home. Our home with its inner city rustic charm suits having a Roberts sat on our welsh dresser. I love seeing it as I walk by to make a cup of tea and it is one of those homey pieces that just makes me smile as I catch the shiny gold writing glimmering in the sunlight.

I have just treated myself to a new Pastel Pink Revival which is just beautiful. It suits our style of home and matches the shades of my other accessories around the house perfectly.

Whether you go for the lighter shades from cream to green or head more down the burgundy or black route, you will be so pleased with any of the Revival range.
Now you can even get Revival radios with different patterns on making them a truly versatile piece of equipment to have at home.

I thought I would also share with you the Duck Egg Revival with you and the newer Revival Mini in Pastel Cream.

The mini Revival is one of there newer models and is perfect for smaller spaces and for taking with you as you move around your home and garden. It really is a lovely addition to the Revival family.

My love for these radios will continue for many years. As I watch my children dance in my bedroom as I get ready on a morning or when Rob and I slow dance in the kitchen once the kids are in bed, Roberts Radio will always be a part of our lives and of our families as we travel through life's journey. 

Thank you to my sister for the loan of her radios for this shoot. Thanks also to Roberts Radios for allowing me to collaborate with them.

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Royal Botanical Gardens, plants and candles.

If you know me well you will know my passion for muted colours and pretty displays reigns in my home decor tastes.
I love changing our mantle piece and I just find that as it is the main focus of our dining are it is nice to keep it fresh and vibrant. 
When thinking about how I want to decorate I always try and keep it seasonal. Last week the weather turned pretty horrible, almost autumn like and I simultaneously found myself lighting candles to compensate the dark afternoons.
The thing is with candles, once you start lighting them each day that passes after you almost feel that you need to continue this little ritual.
Even in August I am enjoying the atmosphere that candles bring on an evening. Trying to steer away from thinking that the Autumn eves are coming, (we still should have a good few weeks of summer left) I have brought in a potted lavender Lavender from outside to bring a sense of freshness and new growth. Candles and flowers are always a perfect match, so bringing my Kew Royal Botanical collection together I have been able to make a scene of calm. I love the Kew Botanical pots. I think that some of the colours they do are just beautiful and I find they really suit our home's decor being slightly rustic and pale in colour. 
I have quite a few bits by them but for this display I just used their medium planter, candle sconces and candle pots. I love how they match each other.

These sconces are so lovely and chunky. They really suit their plant pot siblings and their creamy-shade goes with everything. I have just placed some tiny rose heads around the base of the candles to make them look extra pretty.

The mini plant pots have candles in them and even though they had burned down now I still just fill them with tea lights. The larger planter is perfect for this Lavender but also holds a bouquet of fresh flowers if I wanted it to instead.

With the carnival style letter lights, the whole display comes together. 
For my birthday my mum bought me an extra large pot: one for outside and for putting a tree in. I think I will get a bay tree as it will look really nice against our green cladded extension.

For popping around the house I also have some small pots with fresh flowers in. They just work so well with our home decor and style. I just love them!

I have bought most of these planters from local independent shops in Lincoln. Online there isn't one specific store for all of them so I have found a few links with good selections for you.

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Baking old school and enjoying #mamabakescakes

This week I had a lovely little thing happen as I set out on my baking. Getting the electric scales out of the cupboard to use, I found that the battery had run out. Unable to find a replacement I thought I would pop and ask our neighbours, who we get on with very well. I knew they would have some as they are actually retired bakers, so calling round wasn't a strange thing to do. To my surprise they were still working with a set of scales over 20 years old. As they baked for a job they never needed to do any at home, so Geoff only had his first set of scales that he got when he first started training to become a baker. Taking them back home I placed them on the table and Etta immediately eyed up this new contraption. All the weights were in ounces and for the basic sponge cake I was making, the 4 ounce weight was enough!
So with Etta at my side I was ready to bake. We got everything measured, whisked and in the oven. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Geoff saying that they didn't really bake anymore and that we were welcome to keep the scales. How lovely! My heart melted a little and as I closed the door I just thought that it is lovely having such a nice relationship with our neighbours for an opportunity like this to happen.

Anyway, we made a chocolate sponge slice which was very delicious! I think it tasted that little bit sweeter due to what happened though!

Thank you for all the examples that you have been putting onto the #mamabakescakes gallery! Here are some of my favourites! 

If you fancy heading over to Nanda's Instagram you will see her favourites!
I won't be posting next week on here as I am away but if I get signal in my tent in the middle of a field I will be posting on Instagram so check it out!

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