Sunday, 11 January 2015

Blackboard Place Mats

Blackboard Place Mats

For a while now I have been looking for nice placemats for the dining table. I have seen lovely letter ones and patterned ones, but with our ever changing table linen and dressing around the dining area I couldn't decided what would suit everything. 
I have some place mats from years ago when we just had a small wooden table, before we converted the downstairs. I have been using them with the cork side up as the pattern didn't go with anything but tonight I decided to try painting them with chalkboard paint.

Now my mats have a matt finish. It is almost paper like so that is why I think it has worked. I applied 3 thin coats so that it created a finer finish. I am not sure if they will chip or anything but the paint seems to have adhered well and they look and feel fine. Feels just like painted wood. I don't think the paint would stick to the shiny types of mats you can get, but you can purchase a paint primer specifically for covering plastic. So if you wanted to try it on high shine mats then I would advise priming first.

These are great and they match us really well. They also appear to be a great way to get Raph to the table as he likes the idea of doodling as he waits for his food. I also like the thought of writing little messages on them.

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