Tuesday, 20 January 2015

#SnapHappyBritMums Photo Challenge Day 20

#SnapHappyBritMums Photo Challenge Day 20

Today's phrase is #thisisme. It is a nice one to share and it gives me the opportunity to tell you a bit more about myself.
I have been married for 5 and a half years and I have 2 young children.
 From a young age I always wanted to work with kids in a teaching role but not necessarily as a teacher. I trained and got a diploma in education and childhood studies and I then went to university and took a degree in education and early childhood studies. I knew that I wanted to be a teaching assistant but doing the degree helped me understand more and enabled me to be very close to a teaching qualification if I ever wanted it. I got a job in a primary school and worked one to one with a boy with autism for 2 years and then went into an intervention role working with target children who struggled and with those who excelled. I got my HLTA which was the highest qualification I could get as a teaching assistant and I was very happy in my role.
My family then bought a flower shop which my florist sister headed up and as it was in the centre of Lincoln and a beautiful place to work it was an opportunity not to be missed. 
I left school and went straight into training to be a florist and that is where I am today. 
Having the shop has made me so creative. I know if I had stayed in school there would be no blog and I wouldn't think how I do now. I love the flower shop but I know my true calling is in teaching and working with kids. 
I love blogging and the opportunities it brings. My mind is always thinking of what I can share next. I don't know what we will be doing later through the year but for now I am happy and I have enjoyed how I have got here. 


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