Wednesday, 14 April 2021

CREATIVE // Beads & Bracelets

Creating Bead Bracelets  

You know I love a simple creative project. One that can be easily completed with pretty results. Well as we are on school holiday, last week I was feeling the itch of creativity and it manifested into some lovely ideas for making bracelets.  

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a gift from Harps In July , some of her beautiful bracelets and it rekindled the idea of making a few more to match them. My Harps In July bracelets are beautiful gold filled bead bracelets that instantly reminded me of the summer phase we all go through where we want to build that arm stack of holiday beads and bands. It reminded me that last summer I also enjoyed making some bracelets ( See This Post ) which are sat in my jewelry box ready to be worn again.

This time though, I wanted to have a bit of a glow up and I exchanged the plastic pearl beads of last years makes to better match these new ones by purchasing some gold plated brass beads and some pretty letter ones.

Now I take no credit for this idea. Name and phrase bracelets are no new thing and plenty of better brands before me are making them to sell. In fact I will include a list of shops you can support later. But for me (a girl who has a tendency to making her own) I wanted to share what I have done and where I got my bits and pieces from.

Making my bracelets

If you fancy the idea of whipping up a few bracelets yourself  I thought I would just share a simple how to:

I really like clear elastic for threading my beads on to. Depending on bead size I use 0.6mm or 0.8. These were just elastics I picked up off Amazon last summer and do the job well. Recently I actually got myself some seed bead needles which help you to pick up the beads that are more fiddly. Again these were off amazon and I will add them to the shopping list below. 

With regards to threading patterns and styles, Pinterest is an absolute trove of ideas. Just check out my board on bead bracelets to see some of my favorites.

I really simply thread them, tie them in a knot and wear them with pride. More often than not I get a message off a sister who asks, "Can you make me one please", and I happily do so. Someone also asked on Instagram if I would be selling them but I am not sure that is my calling right now. That point leads me nicely on to these guys though.....

Where to buy ready made bracelets

Like I said, plenty before me make a living out of making jewelry so here are some of those shops.

Bracelet shopping list

If you still fancy having your own go here is a list of products and links to shops where you can find lovely beads.

ETSY Has so many small business selling beads; you might want to support them.
Baker Ross Provided all of our lock down crafts and they have a great selection of beads which are inexpensive.
Hobby Craft Also have a huge selection of beads all in one place.

I used:
Gold Plated Beads (Approx 50+ per bracelet needed)

Getting creative is a really nice way to pass the time. It is also a really good way to express yourself and give yourself some mental freedom from life thoughts and busyness.

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