Saturday, 17 January 2015

Decorative Wooden Arrow

Decorative Wooden Arrow

Rob was itching for something to do this afternoon so I set him on task with making me a decorative arrow out of some scrap wood. I keep seeing quirky little symbols being used as house decorations so I thought we could have a go.

To start I drew the design I wanted on some scrap paper and cut it out to make a template. I did this freehand and just guessed the size. I think it would be nice to have ones bigger but to start us off this one works.

Rob used some scrap pallet wood and drew around the arrow shape. using a saw he then cut most of it out but used a jigsaw for the middle tricky parts.

Its rough round the edges but a little sanding sorts that out. You could paint it if you wanted but the wood is actually a really nice shade so I am leaving it. I even though you could make a little sign out of it and ut two holes to make a hanger.
Ours I have just place decoratively on the side. It looks really cute and is a great prototype for making more or different sized ones!

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