Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Trug Blue Trug

New Trug Blue Trug

I have had this gardening trug sitting around for ages. To be honest, I bought two at the time, with no need to having them, but like most things in are home, they circulate round and I find uses for things in Different months of the year. Last year I painted one in Annie Sloan's Paloma paint and at the moment it's on the coffee table working as a unit to store remotes. With this one though I have painted it in an Annie Sloan 'Louis Blue' colour and I must say, I think it's my favourite colour yet! It is a very light blue shade and with all that is grey and beige in our house it blends in nicely. I only bought one of the tester pots from ''Top To Bottom Accessories'' on Steep Hill as they are £5.99 compared to the full price tins. I did one coat but it has covered well and only used half of the pot. The key is to really spread it as it goes a long way.

(This picture looks really blue, It is not this blue.)

I love that these trugs are so versatile. A jam jar of flowers fits perfectly inside but so do candles, books, placemats, and a whole hoard of other things. I remember having one for cutlery at my mums house so whatever their use, they are pretty handy.

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