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Having left school and pursued a career in Teaching I never imagined that I would end up becoming a photographer, content creator and writer. I started this blog not long after my husband and I had finished extending our ex-council house with a want to share how we did it on a budget. Like most things the blog quickly transformed into a place where I began to share all aspects of our life from home interiors to parenting stories and as the years passed (we are now 6 years on) it has begun to really represent a personal space where I mostly share things about me.
Having suffered with mental heath issues in the past 6 years I have tried to share more on how I deal with that and a lot of my writing now focuses on living a good life and promoting positive mental health practices. 
I have always loved to share fashion ideas and have have worked with some wonderful brands over the course of this career. I have also spent time writing a fashion column for local magazine, The Journal, and have been pleased to see many of my pictures used in local attractions advertising.
Over the years the blog has passed through phases of quiet as life has changed around me. Being a mother of two is a full time job itself and one that I love but as time moves on and the children become more independent I find my mind is buzzing with new ideas of where I would like to take this brand. Brick Dust & Glitter is very much a part of our life and one which I hope to continue using as a platform to speak from for years to come.

If you are interested in seeing my work have a flick through this blog or check out my 3 Instagram Channels:
Dust.Lifestyle (focused on living well)
Dust.Fashion (daily fashion ideas)

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