Saturday, 11 December 2021

HOME INTERIORS // Christmas Round Here

I always love this post as really it is just a huge sharing of pictures. I know, more than anything, people just like to be inspired and seeing how someone else does something gives them just that. I thought I would share how the house is looking as we get into December. 

This year I have added more to the kids' rooms than ever before. As life changes and as they grow up we are slowly seeing the signs of change in the kids. Excitements shifts, meanings change but as a couple Rob and I still stand with sharing the message....

"We choose to bring the magic at Christmas, and if you want to be part of that, you are very welcome."

We have talked to the children about other opinions that get thrown around at this time of year, but at the root of Christmas, for us, is the birth of a baby and the magic that seems to appear. WE make sure to show the kids magic in every way we can. Whether that is doing a community larder food drop or visiting the big guy himself; Father Christmas's magic appears in all sort of places and in all sorts of ways. It is important to highlight that and highlight the role we play in helping the magic appear too. Children who wouldn't get a hot meal on Christmas Day might just because of our donations to the local food bank. Making the kids part of that process by taking them shopping to get the items is very important. This way they can see they bring magic to others and have that understanding reaffirmed. Anyway, that's just how we do it; try to help them see the importance of the coming together, the journey and the end result.

Back to house things and why you have come to this blog post:

Our house certainly has a style that runs throughout. Being a small space, this has always been very important and as we grow and change, more than ever, the house has a purpose and that is, quite simply, to make sure it has space. Filling up shelves and sideboards with Christmas stuff is always nice but I find it really important to not fill up so much that you become claustrophobic. We keep our decorations out until January so it helps just to keep a bit of clarity and space in certain places. I also have to be able to put normal stuff away. Our shed helps with this and it does become slightly 'out of sight, out of mind', but being able to have that kind of storage means that I am not squeezing things away in cupboards that are already too full. 

My biggest Christmas time decoration that really is in every part of the house is a change to light. Fairy lights are the best decorative invention. I cannot get over how fairy lights can transform a space and make it feel. We only use warm white colour fairly lights as they really bring a warmth to the home atmosphere. If I only used fairy lights to decorate I would be happy. Every year we get the lights on the tree and I say out loud, "That will do". Honestly, I don't need a bauble, the lights bring the magic!

Anyway, our use of lights and "Shelf Sitters" (ornaments) blend perfectly throughout our home, connecting each space together and forming our Christmas Home. Our space, for our needs, our comfort, all satisfied.

I would link to items, but things are so old now. This is very much inspiration but what I can list is a few pieces that have been new and are available still, or things I have found when searching that are similar to old versions I have.

Light Up Trees JYSK (In stores, ours were much cheaper)

Wooden House Hobbycraft

Similar Mini Stocking SKLUM

Similar Paper Stars Amazon

Similar Paper Christmas Trees Rocket St George

Bristle Brush Trees Amazon

Colourful Bristle Brush Trees Amazon

Downstairs Living Space

Raphael's Bedroom

Giuliettas Bedroom


Friday, 10 December 2021

FASHION// Rewearing Vintage

I am not a big vintage wearer. I don't have realms of items found in flea markets or in vintage shops but I do have a few things that when I wear them I feel like I am walking in some vintage movie. It's funny how fashion always comes around; you only need to go into an antique fashion market and you can see it. Shapes and prints change but more often than not the new salutes the old and we wear reworked fashion all the time. 

We are really lucky here in Lincoln to have a big antiques centre just north of the city. Hemswell Antiques is a real treasure trove of goodies. Some bargains can be had but you will also see things at real high end price for gorgeous antiques. I love it there because no matter what, there is always something to see. I always find a little something to buy too, which is nice. 

Last summer when the world was opening back up again Hemswell was one of the first places I went. It is so big that I felt it was an easy place to wander off and find a sense of normality about. I love so many of the units they have there but one in particular houses an awesome fashion room full of so much gold. Some of it is quite expensive because it is vintage but others are real bargains for good quality items that clearly stand the test of time. I was lucky enough to find the real Leather 1980s trench for £30. As soon as I saw it I knew it was coming home.

It has taken me all this time to actually get it onto the blog, but today I got to go out and get some nice pictures in it and I felt it was a great time to share. Paired with some new pieces this coat can still hold its own: past, present and hopefully way into the future.

Wearing vintage isn't everyones cup of tea but don't disregard it. Not only is it a great way to stop fashion waste but it's nice to carry on a story and give something another life. 

Outfit details

Trench (Old) / Cardigan JOULES / Jeans ZARA / Boots GRENSON


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