Saturday, 10 January 2015

Freshening Up Home

Freshening Up Home

It is always a shame when Epiphany comes around marking the end of the Christmas period. I get all of our decorations down early in the new year apart from our nativity set and our tree. Once Epiphany has been though, the process of packing up the baubles and getting the tree out of the house commences.

We have had a lovely table runner on our dinner table by Sophie Allport with Christmas stags on and I made some pillows to match that all need to go away now as well. Luckily I picked up another fresh Sophie Allport Labrador table runner to take us into the spring. I love her prints. They are so simple and clean and would suit most homes. I have to put our spotty PVC over the top though as Etta is still mastering her feeding action!

I find flowers are the easiest way to brighten up after Christmas. The room can often seem bare so filling it with a few bunches helps to add a bit of freshness to your home.

 I like to make our mantle pretty simple and I have used my Kew Botanical Gardens pot and candle sconces to achieve this.

I find I still like the odd twinkling fairy light and I like to keep the candles out as the evenings are still dark.
I am sure it won't be long until I change this again but it is nice for now and making the room look clean and clear.

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