Friday, 23 August 2019

CREATIVE // Homemade Hankies & Other Overlocker Projects

I got the opportunity to play on a JUKI Overlocker recently and make a rolled hem, so started making hankies out of every bit of fabric I could! 

To be honest, unless your sewing machine has this feature you do, unfortunately, need an Overlocker with a rolled hem function to recreate what I have made. However I am going to share two ways to make some fab hankies! 

Like I said, I had the opportunity to borrow a JUKI AIR THREADNG OVERLOCKER from my boss who has one and quite quickly got into the delicate simplicity of its rolled hem function. A rolled hem is a great way to edge soft fabrics and in this scenario it is brilliant for smaller amounts of fabrics where you don't want to do a traditional folded hem.

I just wanted to do something fun and easy so I started making batches of hankies and napkins. They are pretty much the same thing but I must say I have used my small one off fabrics as hankies for sneezes, bags and hair ties!

So, the how to:

To make any hankie or napkin you will want a 50x50cm square. I found that buying fat quarters of fabric was a good way to get pretty fabrics at a fraction of the cost. I particularly love RIFLE PAPER COMPANY fabrics and as they are so expensive, buying a fat quarter is a great way to buy the fabric and use it creatively.
If you are cutting from a sheet you really can decide your size but a 50x50cm square works well. 
To help you square a fat quarter; cut the salvage off, fold diagonally two corners together and then cut the overhanging edge. 
Then it is just a case of running it through the overlocker. The joy of the JUKI OVERLOCKER {and others} is that once you start feeding the fabric through it does all the hard work for you.
If you DO NOT have an overlocker you can still do a folded hem. Iron a 1cm hem around the square and then fold and iron it again catching the cut edge inside. This works just as well.

How do they look?

To be honest I am so pleased with how just a little hemming technique can change my outlook on hemming all together. This works perfectly for hankies and I have found that they look so professional. I am tying them to just about everything! And any scraps I am also using to create with.
Look at these kids......

What else can I make?

Well like I said, napkins are another great idea and very similar but I also have been creating lots of hair accessories for Etta.
I have taken long rectangular strips and just roll hemed the edges and used them as a variety of hair ties. This is a great way to use up scraps.


Monday, 5 August 2019

FASHION // The Start Of My Fashion Journey With GRENSON {Are They Really Worth It?}

Find out my early thoughts on the infamous GRENSON BOOTS

So you don't know who GRENSON are? Well, let me tell you. I first learned about them from ERIC DAVIES of THE EDITED BLOG who last year shared a picture of a pair of NANETTE BOOTS. Now the year before I had purchased some Dr. Martens as I had seen the whole chunky boots and pretty dress fashion thing and really liked it. Secretly, I have always loved a chunky boot {remember the army-esque ones when they were in fashion 15 years ago} and have really always had them on my brain. Now having discovered GRENSON I could not get them out of my head. I much preferred them and decided to sell my Dr. Martens to help start a fund for a new purchase. Then later last year the every so stylish Holly Willoughby wore a few pairs on T.V and they became the most sort after items on the internet. I was on every waiting list but needless to say, the world had discovered GRENSON and like me, all wanted a part of it!
Grenson is a British shoe maker which dates back to 1866 when its first shoe was created. They still hand make all the shoes in beautiful leathers and you will find that once you touch a pair you really "get all the hype"!
The thing is they are simply beautiful. When I told my Dad my new boots were GRENSONS, his fashion savvy eyebrow raised and I knew I had done good!!
The only downside for a lot of people: the price. At a little under £300 these boots are not cheap in price, but they also are not cheap in product either. 
I decided to buy the NANETTE with the shearling tongue as I really liked the bit of fluff. I thought that in the winter months I would feel ready to tackle any snowy mountain {not that we have any here} and do it in style!

My first impressions

I would love to know if any get sent back due to people not liking them. I can tell you this: for the girl who has hidden her lower thigh and knee away for years finally got them out. These boots are so comfortable that they gave me a serious confidence boost. I can't explain how they make me feel but I will say this. I FELT LIKE A BOSS! And I am not being silly, Rob cannot get over the sneaky bit of leg he now gets flashed when I wear these with mini dresses. And yes, I am saying MINI dresses even though I have spent the later years only sharing MIDI! I have to say though, these boots and a midi dress are also a perfect partnership!

Will I buy another pair of boots ever again?

I would really like to think not, but I have to be realistic. These are a perfect everyday boot, pull them on with anything and they are perfect for the woman on the go. I love fashion so am always going to want something for different occasions but in reality I hope these boots last me years and years and that I still get the same amount of enjoyment out of them as I am doing now!
I am really looking forward to sharing all my outfit ideas with you over the next few weeks, months and years!!

Backing British industry

I have to say one more thing, with all the country's crazy dealings in politics in recent years one thing that I am eager to do is buy lots more British made products. This applies to food, small businesses with regards to lifestyle products and well made fashion items. I think we have some amazing creators in this country and even though some things are cheaper and easier to get overseas this country has a lot to offer and I am enjoying becoming a conscious shopper and buying better so to support our own industries.

How I'm Wearing Mine;

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