Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Little Getaway

A Little Getaway

It is lovely to leave behind work and normality. My family have started doing a yearly trip to Center Parcs in Sherwood forest as an easy family getaway. It is easy for us to get to as it is so close to Lincoln and you can just load up the car and go. 
For us we love the swimming facilities. As the kids are young we don't partake in all the sporting activities but there are loads of other things to do. Swimming is definitely top of our list and most of our time is spent by the pool. 
You may have read before that our little ones have weekly swimming lessons and it is because of holidays like this that we are so pleased that they have them. 
Raphael swims so well for a 3 year old. He needs a life jacket but he is then off paddling around. If I could record Etta I would. Her swimming is amazing! It is like a whole body kick! Her legs are just moving so fast her upper body is just being darted forward in motion! It is so funny to watch! 

Here are some holiday snaps.

We had a lovely time, and like I said, it's a really easy family break. 
I always think we never fully utilise what center parcs has to offer. They have a bowling alley on site, an area for art and craft activities as well as offering discos and entertainment on an evening. 
We had a very reserved break, staying in our chalet and taking it in turns to cook the evening meal. On a morning we watched Frozen and Planes 2 before heading out on our bikes to the pool. 
It was a great holiday but I am feeling like we didn't rest much!

If you want to find out more about Center Parcs then click HERE!
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  1. Lovely photos! Looks like the family had a lot of fun on that much needed getaway. I hope you've all managed to unwind and relax the way you've always wanted to. Thanks for sharing all the fun, Emily! I hope you guys can get to enjoy more days like that. All the best!

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge


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