Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Love For Fresh Flowers

My Love For fresh Flowers

It is so easy for me to bring bunches of flowers home. My family have a flower shop and I work there so they are so accessible to me.
They are something that I loved even before the flower shop but I never had them in the house as much as I do now.
I was thinking about valentines today and how busy we will be. its lovely seeing all the men cone in and order bunches. Last year 3 very burley men came in, all trade workers in there scruffs and with lots of banter and they all walked off with some big blooms of roses. It made us all smile how this day makes saps out of us all.

I also love that spring flowers are coming into the shop now. So many hyacinths and tulips. They just looks so fresh and new. You realise how much you miss them when you haven't seem them for nearly a year. The smells and colours are just mind blowing!

Having flowers in your home is such a special thing. Weather I am filling up a jug or just a small jam jar I find that havering flowers around my home makes recognise the little things and even spare moments away from the kids/house/phone/ipad to just stop and stare and appreciate natures beauty.

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