Thursday, 15 September 2016

Our weekend in pictures; When Adventure calls......

I don't want to write too much in this post because I am sure what I am going to say, we all know and agree with. My family rented a house in Cornwall for a week, but because of Raph's schooling (and knowing that we are taking him out of school in term time at another point in the year) we decided that having just started back it wouldn't be appropriate for us to go down for a week. That choice was made at the beginning of the summer when we found out they were all going down and it was fine. We would miss out but that's our choice. Roll on a few months and the date of them leaving grew closer and closer. Rob and I had mentioned going down for the weekend as my family's trip was from Friday to Friday, so it would be possible but a lot of hard work. We left it and didn't discuss it until the Tuesday before they left when we had been at theirs and Raph and my youngest brother Gabe had been sorting out all the wet suits. Raph didn't particularly understand what was going on and we didn't mention anything to them, but after getting home we decided that maybe we should go for the two days so long as the weather forecast was good. Which it was, so off we went! And what a good choice it was. We had the most beautiful weekend, in a place that has so many happy memories for us. It was like going home in a way as everything was so familiar and the weather was perfect for what we needed. Sun shone and allowed us to have two full days at the beach surfing and body boarding at Polzeath and Watergate Bay and a lovely evening in Padstow. We drove home on Sunday evening and got back about 2am but the absolute joy of the trip outweighed the lateness. The kids slept in the car and then fully in bed so they got a decent sleep and Rob and I just made it through Monday a bit blurry eyed. 

Heading out for adventure is always worth it, remember that, and if you have the opportunity to have time with your family even though it may take a big effort and a long journey, most of the time, those moments that you have together will be so worth it!
Thinking that the journey is too long is an easy excuse, at the end of it I am sure your life will be filled with more joy, love and memories that outweigh the small chaos it causes!

Here is our weekend in Pictures.


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  1. Ahhh looks so lovely and what great memories you all were making in the process. Glad the sun came out and you dived right into the fun and sand. Lovely adventures.


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