Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Old Bauble Garland

Old bauble garland

When I was getting all of the Christmas decorations out I noticed some that I had and had never used. To be honest, I don't even know why I had them as they go with nothing I have! These specific baubles were gold and plastic and I knew I could reuse them in some way.

As I had a bag of bells also I decided to make a bauble garland. So as not to make it look 
christmassy I decided to use my trusted Annie Sloan paint to revamp them.

I used Antoinette pink knowing full well that this garland was destined for Giulietta's bedroom. It was an easy process. I simply painted them then hung them to dry. This chalk paint is able to adhere to pretty much anything so these plastic baubles covered easily. I did slightly thinner coats so you could see specks of gold shimmer through, but you can put it on thicker if you are wanting to cover it well. Luckily for us our tree is still up so I was just able to hang them on there overnight whilst they dried.

For stringing them I just got some sage green ribbon and threaded each bauble on tying them into place. I intermixed a few gold bells and a couple of baubles that I didn't paint. 

I suppose it still looks a bit Christmassy as you would know they were baubles but to drape in a little girls room, they are perfect for adding a bit more colour. 

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