Thursday, 24 September 2015

Autumn walks and getting cosy; Garden Trading warms us up!

Heading into autumn we all know how to start the hibernation process. I have to admit, it is something that I am not interested in at all!! I love keeping warm and snuggling down with a blanket, but I love it even more when you've been out on a country walk, your toes are freezing and you kick off your wellies and step into a warm home.
Being a country girl, I have been on many marches across the fields and enticed to continue by being told that there will be hot chocolate at the end. Those autumn walks are mainly in town now as we live centrally, but one joy that didn't happen much in the Lincolnshire open fields is that we get the bundles of orange leaves to march through. The fluttering drops of Autumn really make for a pretty brisk walk heading up to Lincoln Cathedral. It lets us stretch our legs and get that cold, fresh air in our lungs. I also love that feeling of walking into our house from the cold and the warmth as it hits you, you delayer and quickly get the kettle on or a pan of milk on the hob. The only thing I want to do is pop on my slippers and get a hot drink and our children's request is 'hot cocoa'!
It is days like these that make you just adore being with family. The happy moments that you can capture, the conversations, the little moments of discovery. Raph and Etta enjoy being quite independent at any opportunity. Etta would rather drink out of a proper cup than a beaker and Raph just loves the social element of drinking together. 
Making their own 'hot cocoa' was an opportunity not to be missed. What child wouldn't want to make some after an explore outside on an autumn day?

It is so lovely to see that little traditions can carry on, I am sure I will be shouting 'hot cocoa for all' as encouragement to get the kids through outdoor excursions.

One lovely thing about the arrival home is satisfying everyone's needs. I myself am a huge lover of tea. Give me a cup of tea and a five minute sit and I am ready for anything. As a mother it is my little bit of normality. The warming feeling that tea can bring just makes me feel, well human. I love that hot burn you get against cold hands; isn't it satisfying? 

For Rob, a hot fresh coffee is a fantastic warmer. He loves a moment to enjoy a cup, to sit and chat or just relax. I never drink coffee but that smell is so comforting. 

It is these moments that truly warm the soul.
Enjoy your autumn, friends! Keep warm, enjoy the walks and be thankful that we have such a beautiful season.

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Enjoy the snuggles.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dried flower wreath.

Our house always has little pots of flowers drying. I love trying to save blooms from hitting the mouldy,  wasted stage of their life by catching them just before they turn brown. I have written about it before but I find the best flowers to dry are roses and hydrangeas, especially around our home.

I have had the heart shaped wreath for years. It has moved around the house, always resting in a different place so I thought I would give it a bit more purpose and decorate it with some of the blooms I had dried over the summer. 

It was a simple process, only requiring a glue gun as an adhesive. Making something like this very much depends on your own tastes and style.
I decided to go quiet petite, only using small bits of hydrangea and little rose bud heads. Because of the greyish colour of the wood and the gingham ribbon I decided a more purple colour scheme would be nice. Once I had everything ready it was quite simply a case of finding my middle point and working outwards. I glued a bundle of 3 heads to the centre point of the heart and worked out, trying to replicate on both sides so it matched nicely.

I made sure to use as many bits as possible, keeping them tight together so that it created a really full effect. I decided I didn't want to go all the way around as I like the rose/wood effect that was appearing. 
Once I was happy with how far the flowers came round I just stopped.

The final effect is so beautiful. Such a pretty little keepsake for the home, made from flowers that have been in our home through the summer.

I wouldn't recommend keeping something like this on the front door. Once the flowers are attached it will not respond well to the damp autumn mornings. Keep it inside and dry and it should last for many months.

Have you ever had success at drying your own flowers?


Thursday, 17 September 2015


Another week, another poor contribution from me! I had all good intentions of making some of my favourite  winter cakes, but after school assembly and picking up beds, it hasn't happened thus far! Maybe this afternoon! What a fail!
You guys however have been baking a right treat!

Nanda again has taken one for the team. How do you get the time lady?? These are the most perfect pancakes!

This weeks cakes are all so fabulous looking, well done ladies. They are all the perfect sharing cakes and I can just imagine the cups of tea  and warm chats that you could have whilst you enjoy them!

Thank you for continually taking part. Remember; this month the beautiful and stylish Dais Blue Candles will be giving a gorgeous scented and homemade candle to one lucky baker. Keep tagging!

Post by Emily

#mamasblooms Hydrangea special!

So this week I have had some amazing Hydrangeas at home and I noticed how many of you have been featuring them in your homes.
Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers and I love September time as it appears to be when you can get sturdy heads that dry well. I have been able to dry home cut heads and shop bought ones recently and I have had a few people ask how, so I thought I would share my florist's knowledge!

I have always found that the easiest way to dry Hydrangea is buy placing a stem, cut at a angle, in a vase in an inch of water. I don't know the science, but Hydrangea will keep perfectly in the inch of water for a week or so and then should naturally start to dry. I don't think heat makes too much of a difference but I am sure the warm afternoons we have been having with have helped. I recently dried a head from the garden in no water but it was small with tiny petals and I think by September they have already started drying on the plant.
Now not every type will dry. Unfortunately it is the soft pale colours that I find are the worst. Your deep blue, green and red (if you are lucky enough to get some) dry the best. I find green do it nearly every time. 
The best thing to do it just to test. I can't promise anything but little vases dotted about the place in different temperatures will allow you to have a good try.

We all must be sensing the love as my partner in this Nanda also had some in her home!

As there were so many I thought I would just do a Hydrangea collection to share with you.

These are all fab, ladies! Thank you all, for contributing with all of the beautiful different types of flowers around!

Remember this month Blondie Rocks is giving one lucky Instagramer a £50 gift voucher! Also if you want to shop on her website now, use 'mamasblooms' at the checkout for 25% off!

Post by Emily
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