Thursday, 1 January 2015

Alternative New Years Resolutions

Alternative New Years Resolutions

Instead of the usual resolutions that will start filling up your Facebook News feed, Rob and I have come up with a slightly less obvious list to inspire you instead of the usual New Years resolutions.

Buy a fresh bunch of flowers each week/every other for your home.

Give more to charities: Old clothes, toys and books.

Make something from the design to the finished piece. This could be a large project or a small one.

Go to the cinema once a month.

Create a board game club with your friends where each month you share a dinner and a game.

Give up your time for something e.g. Rob delivers food to the food bank from our church every 6 weeks.

Try foods you wouldn't normally eat. Supermarkets like Tesco have huge selections of foreign foods now and Lidl is a gold mine for great German treats!

Learn something new; languages, how to sew, how to make millionaire's shortbread!

Learn how to run faster than your kids; we're only getting older and they are only going to get quicker. You can't always let them win!!

Grow a little herb or cutting garden so you can enjoy and appreciate nature.

Buy an instant Polaroid camera and take one picture each day.

Save for buying something really special; a ring, an expensive handbag or just a family trip.

Write down all of the happy things that happen to you and store in a jar to open next New Years eve.

Share a moment with your spouse at the end of the day. A kiss or snuggle to say goodnight.

Something that Rob has always implored is that it is better to just better yourself. Not necessarily physically, but emotionally and mentally. Rob always likes to learn something new and I have been through the 'Diets' phase and now think that January 1st is the worst day to start a diet and that you should just have a complete lifestyle change if that's what your interested in. For me this year I have also chosen to learn something new. I am pretty much going to immerse myself in becoming more french! It sounds crazy but this summer Rob and I decided that we would love to live there so this year I am going to fully appreciate and learn about that French style of living.
On our return from our french holiday we decided that we want to get family french lessons but as life took over I didn't find a tutor, but I did pick up some vocab. cards and books. My next quest is to find a tutor though who can teach us all from the basics.
For Christmas, I also got a couple of books based on french fashion so I am looking forward to reading them. It seems an odd one but I suppose if I can spend time learning something new then I am spending my time well.

We hope this gives you some food for thought. Whatever you do, make it achievable. Going to the gym everyday is great but after 3 weeks I think your body will give up or you'll get bored! Just manage your time well and enjoy the time you have.

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