Friday, 28 November 2014

Wood Slice Labels & Chalk Board Tags

Wood Slice Labels and Chalkboard Tags

I just love Chalk board paint! Seriously, if you buy some you will also become addicted. It is so versatile and is just about great on everything. We made a huge floor to ceiling chalkboard for our house and i just adore it. It is perfect to decorate with and is great for ever changing displays. I buy mine from our local Wilkinson's store. It's their own brand and is really good.

To help with some Thanksgiving dinner prep I decided I wanted to offer Canapés with drinks to start. I have some lovely plain white plates and I wanted a little something to place on them to identify each canapé.
I had some small slices of wood which we must have cut last year. It was simply a branch which Rob chopped into 2 cm thick slices. As they have been cut for some time they were nice and dry so after a light sand I slapped on a coat of chalk board paint.
Using a chalk pen I have written on each appetiser and will place on the plate when they are served.

This is so easy and can even be used as place names for your table settings. Could look lovely on a Christmas table.

Now I cannot take credit for this next idea. It was my mum's but it is to good not to share!

These painted labels are perfect for place settings, gift tags or little cards.
I have simply painted a brown luggage tag with chalkboard paint and written on them with a chalk pen. The black and white looks great and they look perfect with our table settings.

I love the effect that it gives and with the neutral hessian (from the market at £3.99 per meter) and spot tablecloths (Dunelm at £2.99 pm) . This is a really cost effective way to decorate and create a pretty dinner table.

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