Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Using Old Candle Pots

Using Old Candle Pots

Recently I have had some beautiful candles in clay pots and as they have burnt out I realized how much I wasn't ready to get rid of them. They always have a little spot on a side table so when the time comes to remove the I always think "I will never find something to fit that space again." I usually do but I find it is a waste having to get rid of the lovely pots that candles come in.

I had two lovely little Dalit candles recently and a beautiful one my brother and his wife bought me for my birthday.

As they have burnt out I have decided to reuse them as little planters.

I removed the excess wax that was left in the pot by filling them with boiling water. This allows the wax inside to melt and it floats to the top and solidifies as the water cools so you can just pull it out. Depending on how much wax is left inside you might find you will need to do this a couple of times.

I then popped to our local home store The Range as I had seen that they sold small Lavender plants.

I simply filled the pots with a plant and they look fab! So easy! I thought you could decorate the pots with ribbon or use them as presents and wrap them nicely. As a vessel, they are perfect and this is a great way to reuse rather than to throw away.

Use buttons and bows.

Hessian to wrap.

Or just have as a nice planter.

I am so pleased with how they look. It will make candle buying a lot more fun as I am always going to think about what I can do with the pot after it has burnt out!

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