Thursday, 27 November 2014

Moss And Candles Table Decoration

Moss And Candle Table Decoration

You might of seen our blog post on a pallet wood box that Rob made for using on our dinning table. Click HERE if you would like to see the post.
As it is Thanksgiving today I have been busy setting up and have lots to share but I thought I would do it over the next few days.

I love getting ready for parties. I like thinking about all the little details but also thinking about how I can make bits and not spend a lot of money. You see all these beautiful images on the internet of gorgeous table settings but I just can't compete. With having a busy life and two kids I am always pleased with what I can come up with even if it isn't as outstanding as the magazine images!

This box was a very easy make for Rob. I thought it would be nice to reuse it for thanksgiving as we are having a lot of people round and I didn't want anything that took up too much room on the table. As this is thin it is perfect for just running down the centre.

Using the box I filled it with Oasis bricks that I cut to size. You can get these from any Florist's shop, mine is from The Arbour on Steep Hill, Lincoln. Then I used a sheet of moss, I cut it and just place on top pushing it down at the edges. This is also available from most florist especially at this time of year. If you fancy it, you can use moss from the garden or the woodland areas. 
Then I lay out my long candles in the positions I wanted and used a knife to stab down through the moss and Oasis to make an opening point. The candles then were gently pushed in . The Oasis moves to suit the size of what is stuck in it so just press straight down until you feel it has gripped.

It looks really pretty and fresh and is simple to achieve. If you have old boxes or tubs you can do the same thing. The idea also works in terracotta plant pots really well.

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