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A Change For November

A Change For November

Don't you just hate it when you have to take down party decorations as it means the celebration is over. Its like after Christmas when you box up everything and put it away for another year. Rooms can often feel bare and like something is missing. 

I find that because I try and have seasonal decorations around our living space, I want to fill it again just with something fresh and new.
Today I have taken down all the Halloween things, piled up our real pumpkins and put away bits and pieces that are clearly themed.

However, what is amazing about the change from Halloween to November is that we have Thanksgiving to look forward to! Now Thanksgiving is a very American celebration but last year Rob and I decided to make it a part of our family traditions. We felt that this celebration was something that we were missing out on as who doesn't want to have another reason to have a family party!
We love any reason for a get together so to have an evening where we all share a meal and give thanks for what we have was a great opportunity to have.
Last year we extend our dinner table for 18 people. We did a massive curry and had different pies for pudding. It was great. I will be sharing more about celebrating Thanksgiving in later post but I wanted to share some today.

To help me freshen up the mantle and table for Novemeber I decided that I was going to keep out our sesonal real pumpkins. So the ones I painted stayed. Just because its not halloween it doesn't mean all the pumpkins go away! With the painted ones still on the mantle and a fresh one from Doddington Hall on the table, I felt I was still saluting them!

I got some beautiful fresh roses from The Arbour on Steep Hill in Lincoln and popped some big pillar candles from Dunelm into some Zinc pots.

I changed my garland and banner for a large Birch wreath which helps give it all a rustic charm instead. This was from TKMaxx last Christmas but I know The Arbour have some smaller ones in their shop.

I kept the rest the same and just collected up the pumpkins into a big pile in the kitchen ready for soup making!

I feel the house is ready for the coming month and I am looking forward to adding more Thanksgiving themed pieces.

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