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Pick Our Own Christmas Tree - Fillingham

Picking Our Own Christmas Tree - Fillingham

Today we have truly begun the Christmas season as we travelled out into Lincolnshire to Fillingham Christmas Trees where today (22nd), tomorrow and next weekend (29th/30th) they offer you the opportunity to travel out to the Christmas tree plantation and pick out your own tree. 

The base itself is a working farm and you start out at a Barn where you book in and get your ticket. There is also the opportunity to sign up and do Rosie The Reindeer's Treasure Hunt and see their resident Donkey.

It has been a really lovely morning for us. Raphael especially enjoyed the tractor ride out to the plantation. Once we were there we were handed a very tall measuring stick and sent on our way to find the perfect tree. Needless to say it took a while. You critique each tree you come across as to their height and width. You assess whether it's too bushy or straight. There are suddenly loads of things to think about when you are surrounded by just green trees.
After wandering for about half an hour, we found ours. A little imperfect, a little bushy, but a Christmas tree that should fit our home nicely!
We then hopped back onto the tractor and headed back up to the farm. 

This has been a really lovely way to spend time as a family and has got me in the festive spirit.

Some practical information:

This weekend and next; the tractor runs from 9am-3.30pm
Normal opening hours for the shop where you can still buy cut trees and decorations is open from 9-5pm, 7 days a week.
There is a small cafe and toilet facilities available.
Wear wellies!
If you 'Check In' on facebook while you are there you also get £1 off your tree!

Contact telephone 01427 667 014

As exciting as the tractor ride is, the shop is there all the way through December where you can go and pick your own Christmas tree from a huge range that they cut down so don't feel that you are missing out if you don't make it these next weekends.

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