Friday, 28 November 2014

A Touch Of Glass

A Touch Of Glass

In the summer I love seeing all of the beautiful picnic wear come out. I really wanted a glass drinks canister but could only find plastic ones at a good price. All of the glass ones were £30+ that I liked. In our local Sainsbury's the other day I spotted this vintage style Lemonade decanter. It was part of their Christmas present section and had a 1/3 off so from its £15 former price! I scooped it up as I thought it would be perfect of parties. It looks great and has a little tap at the bottom for self service. What I like about the glass ones is that they look robust and the effect it gives the drinks in them just make them look better. I love putting fruit in a lot of our drinks as I don't drink much alcohol, so it looks great through the glass. (I have to still try and make them fancy for myself!)

This is perfect for tonight's dinner party and I have used some Belvoir Elderflower Cordial, Lemonade and frozen raspberries to fill it with. I love that the raspberry colour oozes into the mixture and gives it an ombre effect.

It looks great and gives your guest a little fun when getting a drink.

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