Thursday, 20 November 2014

Etta's Tutu Wardrobe

Etta's TuTu Wardrobe

Having a little girl is an absolute dream. Don't get me wrong, Raphael is pretty perfect in my eyes but I thought I was going to have just boys so when Etta was born it opened up a whole new world.
I think one of the most exciting thing about having girls is their wardrobe. I always used to say that I would happily dress myself and my daughter in the same outfits! There will be a day when we do! It is so easy to buy little girls clothes but I have had to try and not go mad. At this stage Etta has only been crawling so things get pretty messy but this week she has started walking independently so pretty shoes have been on my mind all week.
I got her some beautiful red patent ones a few months ago but Rob (and yes, I blame him) let her crawl outside on gritty tarmac and they were ruined! She has worn them since so I didn't waste them but now she is walking steadily this week I got her something special. 
I also love it once they start walking as things like skirts can often get caught in their knees as they crawl. Etta had a beautiful Bob and Blossom tutu that I got her for her birthday in the summer so with that and 2 new H&M ones I think she will start living in sparkly shoes and frothy skirts!
I am a real girly girl when it comes to thinks like this so while she can't protest against these things I will be dressing her up as much as possible!
As it is coming up to Christmas party season I thought I would share some photos as I thought some of you might be like minded and want to fill your little girl's wardrobe with pretty little things! 
Now my next task is to find a tutu perfect for me! Any ideas??

Buy the Bob & Blossom Tutu HERE (they have lots of other colours)
Buy the H&M skirt HERE (they also have a few variations!)
The shoes are from Primark and are £4!!! (They do them in silver too)

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