Friday, 28 November 2014

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving

Well, there are many posts about a few of the different aspects of the night, food and decor to be precise. The night itself was as lovely as it could have been. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter what Rob and I do to make it look pretty or to impress, the fact is it is family time and that is all that matters. I would say it is a rare occasion when we just have both sides of our family at our dinner table. Birthdays or special occasions are about it really so for us the point of this dinner is to direct everyone's time to just being together.
We are lucky that we can offer little extras like the canapés, the meal, the decorations but even if we didn't, just getting together is what is important.

On arrival we offered family members canapés and drinks, welcomed them to the decorated table and served them a three course meal.
Head chef Rob provided a delicious Jamaican spicy Pumpkin soup to start, bangers and mash with onion gravy for the main and pumpkin pie (made by his sister) and a cheese board for pudding.
It was a feast inspired by the traditional American style of thanksgiving dinner. As we cooked for 16 we had to make it easy. Soup goes a long way so it is a great idea for a starter. Bangers and mash are a home favourite and as we have no dietary requirements. It is something we can all enjoy and it does not need many extras. Pudding is a good thing that we find we can share out to guests who ask if they can bring anything. Rob's sister made a traditional Pumpkin Pie and my mum brought a cheese board.

This was some serious family feasting. We all had full bellies and chatter a plenty.

One of the most important things to mention though about the whole evening is that we paused for a point before the meal to say Grace and to thank God for what we had and then during dinner we each went round the table and individually spoke about what we were thankful for. This gave us time to reflect and be reminded about just how lucky we are to have this opportunity to feast in this way but to also to have homes, family and love surrounding all that we do.

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