Saturday, 15 November 2014

UK Blog Awards!!!

UK Blog Awards

We have been fortunate enough to have had our Blog nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2015 in 2 categories; Lifestyle and Fashion & Retail.

This is really exciting for us as it will open up the profile of the blog and maybe open up new doors for us.
As with a lot of awards these days there are two stages; stage one is open for a public vote which is what we need you our readers for and stage two is then down to a judging panel.

This first stage is important though to show our following so please, please, please if you have a spare few minutes follow the link below and vote for us! We would greatly appreciate it!

Retail and Fashion Category

Lifestyle Category

Just one point to mention about the voting rules, you can only vote once in each category, multiple votes won't be counted.

Thank you for all your kind support, we know that this blog has its imperfections (like my spelling) but we really appreciate people taking time out of their lives to read it. We hope that we can continue to inspire you and that you will enjoy the growth of the family and blog as time moves on. 

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