Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Getting Cosy For Bonfire Night

Getting Cosy For Bonfire Night

Today I turned an old jumper into mittens, I had this jumper dress that had bobbled down the side so I knew I wouldn't wear it so I decided to use the fabric and turn it into some mittens. This is actually really easy as a process and is a great way to use up old jumpers and make really individual new items.

Mittens are a must as the weather gets cooler. I love a good pair of mittens so making some made sense.
My mum is the inspiration behind these. She has made mittens out of old cashmere jumpers before that had become moth ruined.

It starts with you drawing a classic mitten shape around your hand. If your jumper is thick then leave quite a bit of room around the edge. If it is a thinner fabric then you will want it slightly closer in. Mine was thin so I went for a thinner mitten.
Once you have cut your template out, make sure your jumper is inside out then pin the template with the opening at the bottom of the jumper, then cut it out. Remove the template and pin the fabric back together.
You should only need one template as it will suit left and right by turning it over. Make sure you then cut out a second mitten and pin.
Then sew around all the edges except where you will put your hand in to put it on.
Turn the right way round and you have your mittens.

I then used some iron on transfers to make a quirky Left and Right mitten. You could put anything on them though to decorate or just leave them plain.

Perfect for keeping those hands cosy and for me, bring a bit more sparkle to keeping warm.

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