Saturday, 1 November 2014

Easy Candle Present

Easy Candle Present

As Christmas grows ever closer I know a lot of people begin to look for cost effective ways of buying presents. 
You may have lots of friends who you always buy for so having a product that isn't too expensive but still personal and pretty is what you are looking for.

I bought a pack of candles from Dunelm the other day and they inspired me with an idea.
You need some Brown grease proof paper, 3 candles, some pretty ribbon, and some dried flowers, herbs or buttons.

I simply cut a strip of brown paper with my pinking shears, these aren't necessary to have but I thought it would be a nice touch. I cut a strip that would fit nicely just round the middle of the candles.
Then I wrapped that around the candles and secured with the ribbon.
I then slipped in some Lavender from the garden. Rosemary would also be lovely. 
You could always attach a pretty button to the ribbon but I was happy with the final product.

You can add a brown tag or just leave them as they are.

It is only a small present but such a pretty way to make up a quick gift.

Cost wise, as the pack of candles was a 10 pack you would get a couple of presents out of it. The pack was under £3 so with bits of ribbon, baking paper and flowers from the garden, you have a cheap present.

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