Friday, 14 November 2014

Keeping The Kids Warm

Keeping the kids warm this winter

Colds really get on my nerves so I always try to keep the kids wrapped up well to help the fight against winter illnesses.  I don't want to just stay inside though so making sure the kids have practical clothing which allows us to splash in puddles and play in the (anticipated) snow.

Recently I got the kids some waterproof rain trousers which are amazing and they are also fleece lined so they are a bit more like sallopets and they will be useful through rain and snow. These are by Lupilu which are from Lidl, I know! These are just amazing and they are a great price. Unfortunately they always seem to have limited sizes or some shops don't get many pairs so Ebay is a good place to look out for them. I just like them as they seem really thick and warm.

To help with layering I picked Etta up some beautiful vests from Primark, really cute print and great for layering her up.
I also picked Etta up some jogging bottoms that were £2.50 a pair, which will sit perfectly under the splash trousers, and are also perfect for layering and at £2.50 make a really cheap item to have as a bit of a staple in her wardrobe.

To help Raph layer up I got him a selection of H & M jogging bottoms as they do a 3 for 2 offer on their basics. Nice colours and are great for play days for comfort and practicality.
I also purchased Raph some girls leggings. Girls because they don't do boys ones but I got Black and grey so you wouldn't know. These were from Primark and I got them as he is a very outdoors boy and he can have these as an extra layer under his trousers. You can get a two pack for £3 which is a bit of a bargain in my opinion. If you want them for older boys, just hide the labels! I am only recreating long johns in theory! Whilst in Primark I also picked up another pack of their boot socks. These are lovely and thick and look nice with boots and wellies.

You can't go wrong with good coats and hats. It's great for the kids to be outside even if it is a bit miserable. Wrap them up well and they can still explore the world.

Once you have spent a day outside getting cold, what better way to warm up than putting on fancy PJs (Primark) and snuggling down with a good kids' film.

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