Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Little Room Improvement

A Little Room Improvement

I decided I wanted to add a couple of new pieces to our nursery to make it more girly for Giulietta. As with most mothers of girls, I needed a bit more pink in the room rather than the neutral that it has been since before her arrival.

I dug out this old dressing table of my younger sisters that my parents had had made. It was in the shed and was looking a bit worse for wear so I cleaned it up and repainted it in Annie Sloan Antoinette. It now sits perfectly in Etta's room ready for her to ponder and play at.

I have also been thinking about how I can preserve some of the kids baby clothes. I bought some beautiful box frames but they are slightly too small and have just sat waiting for me to use. Instead I have used an old coat hanger and some pegs to provide a base for this top (which was my favourite of hers) to hang on. Just a little something to show how small she was!

I also have hung a flower shaped mirror which was mine but has been in the cupboard. It is just a little something to add to her wall.

Finally I have suspended an MDF letter G on her mirror. This was already pink and had been sitting on her shelves so I thought I would string it up with some nice canvas ribbon.

All the other details are what they were before. Rearranged pillows and her tutu hung up are just small details that will change day by day.

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