Saturday, 1 November 2014

Night of Light

Night of Light

So by now you will have hopefully enjoyed reading our Halloween posts, all of our creations, food and party ideas.
You will also know from reading that I am not into any kind of scary Halloween things. This is partly because of the kids and partly because it doesn't interest me.

We do however do things to celebrate Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. As you have seen, we had a little party for the kids, made lots of pumpkin decorations and we even watched Hocus Pocus with our friends in preparation.

Something a bit different that we do on Halloween though is at our Church. Last year was the first year that the church held a Night of Light party. This is for children and is offered as an alternative to a Halloween party. It mainly focuses on the religious side of All Hallows Eve and anticipating All Saints' Day that is on November 1st.

The party celebrates Halloween in its traditional form of All Hallows Eve which is a derivation of hallow meaning holy and evening. 
We celebrate Halloween on the night before the feast of All Saints' to allow us to remember our loved ones who have gone before us.

The party is very child friendly and all the kids come dressed up as their favorite Saints. There is food, games and lots of sweets and the children all get the chance to have a lot of fun. 
I suppose for us it is another way of teaching the children and bringing them up in our faith.

So you can see we mix between traditional Halloween parties and more modern ones. We enjoy the season for its celebrations and family time and participate in different styles of parties so that we are giving our children a rounded view on what it all means. 

For us it means fun, family and fancy dress. We are with the people we love, enjoying getting creative.

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