Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Tables

Christmas Tables

Over the next few weeks there will most definitely be some changes through our house as I begin to decorate. For the beginning of Advent I wanted to start with our dining table. 
I have the most beautiful Sophie Allport table runner which is a light blue/grey with her deer print pattern all over it. It is so soft and beautiful and perfect for our home. 

To get us in the mood and to introduce this Christmas's theme (that seems to be Stags) I have arranged the table runner on some plain hessian material that I got from the market. The brown of the hessian really complements the light colours in the table runner. I have then placed my clear spotty PVC from Dunelm on top to child proof it all. Luckily this suits the runner as it also features small spots. 

I have then used some Eucalyptus in a white enamel Garden Trading jug and placed two white stags either side. These stags are from Wilkinson's and are £7! I think if you pick carefully, you wouldn't know they were so cheap! They look crisp and clean and suit us perfectly. I have then put our zinc pots either side to have candles in.

This is fresh and clean and not so 'Chrismassy' that it looks like we are ahead of the game in decorating!

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