Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Little Flower Shop

A  Little Flower Shop

How gorgeous are these Hydrangea?

They came into the flower shop today and I am seriously considering taking them all home! Such a perfect colour for Halloween weekend. 

The shop is beginning to get full of lots of giftware at the moment as it is getting close to crossing over to Christmas stock. 
One of the joys of working here is that I have access to lovely trinkets and treasures for my home. When new stock arrives my sister and I stand around exclaiming where new things would look good in our homes. 
As a Flower shop, we are obviously known for our floristry side of the business but our gift and home wear range are also a popular part of it all. We are trying to offer pick-me-ups as opposed to full home wear.

So many people come into the shop because of the smell. At the moment we have Hops bines across the beams and crates full of dried Lavender. With the mix of them and the fresh Eucalyptus we use, I think people are just drawn to explore what is happening inside.

The flowers that we have in are a country garden style. We love soft colours and almost wildflower styles. This is predominantly what we are known for and our style is quite different to lots of mainstream florists.

It is such a novelty to be able to work with your Mum and sister as well. People are always surprised when we turn around and say that it's a family that own the shop and that we are all related. I think it's a really nice opportunity to spend more time with family. This is a nice way to do it. 

The style of the shop and the way we work is all very rustic. We love crates and the shop is full of them, we aren't a big chain brand and don't have massive delivery vans. We very much keep it low key and local. That doesn't detract from what we do though, we are not a quiet little shop but a little shop that is full of pretty things and busy with weddings, funerals, parties and Jam Jar pick ups!

If you want to find us we are half way up and half way down Steep Hill, Lincoln.

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