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How To Be Thankful Through November

How To Be Thankful Through November

I have been a bit delayed in starting this as we seem to have been over tired and busy but I wanted to share some ideas on how to show children and your family how you can be thankful this month.
As Thanksgiving is at the end and we celebrate it as a family, I decided that we need to be conscious of what we are thankful for and enjoy the season around it all.

At the beginning of Autumn I made some clay leaf decorations and hung them on some branches. On the same tree we are now hanging paper tags with what we are thankful for written on them. As our two are so young I am just letting them draw on the tag whilst talking to them about what might have been good that day or something they have liked doing.

Part of thanksgiving is about celebrating the harvest and autumn so to help understand this you could do seasonal art activities like leaf printing, forest foraging walks, go tractor hunting or attend harvest festivals.

Cooking and baking is a big way to enjoy this period. Pintrest alone has a monumental amount of food ideas rating from child friendly to competent adult. Lovely ideas to get you in the kitchen and cooking some glorious foodie treats.

I think the most important this to do is to just enjoy the time as a family and maybe try to do something different. Each week, or each day if you can, from reading to drawing or just cuddling and enjoy moments of discovery.

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Pictures sourced from Pintrest


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