Friday, 14 November 2014

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - Fire!

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - Fire!

The best thing about this shoot was that Rob was able to partake for the first time! He enjoyed it I am sure and at least for views, seeing us as a family unit helps you see what we are all about.

As the kids had some new weatherproof trousers I thought the best thing to do was get outside and partake in a mini bonfire. Luckily my parents have a BBQ bucket which was perfect for our child-friendly fire.

As it was around the end of last week when we took the photos we had a few sparklers and let Raph have a go. As a little warning, I am sure you are all aware of the danger of fire, we were very close to Raphael during this shoot and so were at least four family members behind the camera so there were a lot of eyes on the kids. DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN NEAR OPEN FIRE! I am sure you all know that though!

Rob wore; ASOS brogue boots, scarf, Oxford shirt and wool jumper. his jeans were H&M.

I wore; River Island Jeans and Hat, Hunter Boots, H&M shirt (old) and a Marks and Spencer coat (summer sale)

Raph wore; Joules red shirt, Gap Outlet jumper, Hunter Boots and his new Lupilu (from Lidl) weatherproof dungarees.

Etta wore; Lupilu Dungarees, Hunter Boots, Primark anorak (from the summer)

Photo credits go to my sister Gabriella

If you want to steal our style the click the links below

Gap Outlet and Primark are on the high street
Lupilu is sold via Lidl food stores.

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