Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wimbledon Date Night!

Wimbledon Date Night

After seeing Roger Federa smash into the semi finals today, I planned a little games night for Rob and I that would match their skill!
It's hard getting out on 'dates' these days. Most evenings in the week are spent working, doing sporting activities or just doing work on the house. So it is hard to find the time to physically go out on a date. It is really important though, that you give each other that time as a couple to enjoy being with together. To have a laugh, play and be in each others company without other cares or the children about.
After the kids went to bed and we had our dinner I prepared a little after dinner entertainment!
As Wimbledon is on and as its heating up I thought what better way to get involved than to buy ourselves a swing ball set! If you haven't got one of these, they are great! We, unfortunately are not lucky enough to have our own private tennis court so a ball on the end of a string, looped to a post is our only option. I picked mine up from Argos for around £16.
I also made us a classic dish, which is enjoyed during the Wimbledon period, of strawberries and cream. Only mine had a few raspberries added in for good measure. Then with a glass of ginger ale (Pimms also a good choice) and plimsoles on, we headed to the garden court.

We had great fun and laughed a lot at each others poor skill! We did keep stopping to pop in and catch a bit of the pro's having a go on TV.

(Just to point out, Rob is exclaiming something at the TV not pulling that face because of the 

For not a lot of money we have had a really lovely 'Date Night' and hopefully, we will have many more! Who knows, you could even get friends involved for a tournament! Doubles anyone?

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