Wednesday, 2 July 2014

No Sleep Rules!

No sleep rules. 

Well here I am 3.06am listening to a little girl cry as she has been up since 1.00 am unable to sleep. We have been through hugs, rocking, holding, feeding, calpol, in our bed and downstairs in the last couple of hours and now I have turned to controlled crying. It is a method that works but when trying to keep another child asleep it's not the best method, hence why it is my last resort tonight. Etta is a good sleeper. She always has been,  but tonight something is bothering her. As I said I have given her a bottle and calpol as I thought she might be teething. But everytime I put her down she would settle just long enough for me to climb back into bed and close my eyes. Not useful. Now after numerous cuddles and even going and sitting on the sofa with her I have resulted to a strict method. I have put her down and left her to cry. She is screaming but I have made sure there is nothing bothering her. I have changed her nappy, twice, and she isn't too hot or cold and she is fed so everything is covered. Every 5 minutes exactly I am opening her door and saying a simple sentence of "bedtime babe, go to sleep." This is an old school method which worked with Raph and many children. It lets the child understand that it is time for them to sleep and that they themselves have to sort it, but it also reasures them with having the 5 minute intivalas that you are there and haven't left them . This lets them recognise that they are not on their own. 

So I have been doing this for About 25 mins now and it has just gone silent. Here I am hoping for a couple of hours sleep befor Raph wakes. 

What I do find really amazing though Is before you have children, a bad nights sleep was the worst thing in the world and woe betide anyone who got in your way that day. Post's amazing what you can achieve on 4 hours sleep!

I don't think you would know this morning looking at that face, all of what went on last night!!
*Also as we have had an early morning I have got a second wash on now, all dressed and pots washed all before 8.30am! Every cloud and all!!
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