Monday, 21 July 2014

Sweetie Jars

Sweetie Jars

I found the most amazing shop online for party decorations. I have been looking at getting some bits that we can use for both of the kids summer birthdays. I love the soft pastel colours and was really pleased to find this website called The Last Detail. I picked up some bits for decorations but when I was searching through I also came across these chalk stickers that you can put on anything. 
I have had these glass jars for years and they just had a satin ribbon tied round which was beginning to look a bit grubby, so I was happy to spend £5 to jazz them up a bit.

All you do is stick the sticker on. That easy! It looks so effective! I then put some lace ribbon round
the top for a bit more of a shabby chic feel and filled them with sweets! 

I absolutely love them! I will probably end up buying more and finding more uses for jam jars! 

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