Sunday, 27 July 2014

Importance of sport, games & making your own fun!

Importance of sport, games & making your own fun!

Sport has always been a very big part of my life. All of my Dad's side of the family are cricket mad. My Granddad Roger & his brothers grew up in colonial sri lanka. He & one of his brothers, Clive, both played the game to a very high standard; My great uncle Clive played for Sri Lanka & Leicestershire & actually held the Guinness world record for many years for the fastest 50. He made it in 8 minutes!
My Dad & his brothers, Paul & Jate, always played pretty much any sport & Paul played in Australia for a
bout 10 years for New south Wales reserves with some great professionals. We have always played sport together as a family. My Dad would always play any game with us & there was never a need for specialist equipment. Our family saying is ''You can make a game out of anything''. Sometimes it can just be throwing a piece of rolled up paper into a glass at the table after dinner & a family favourite is 'Ball in the bucket'!

Any activity you partake in can be fun. I love playing cricket & football & really enjoy most sports really. Raphael loves kicking a football & hitting a ball with his bat or racket. It's great way to spend time together & doesn't ever feel like a chore.

Ed Morton's Stag do footy & egg chasing

Playing Cricket on the train in the channel tunnel.

Penguin sliding at Watergate bay

Above: Chased by uncle Phil with a Raph sized bag
Below: Chased by uncle Phil with a car wheel

Fun hiding!

Above: Bouncing at Daisy made
Below: Diggers at Daisy made 

Raph's 1st birthday

Raph playing with my Bat. Most sundays he has it out as I'm about to leave for cricket.


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