Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Daisy Made Ice Cream

Daisy Made Ice Cream

I just want to start with telling you that I love Daisy Made. There are 2 reasons why; 1. Because its delicious. 2. Because 5 years ago, almost to the day, they drove out to my parents house in an old ice cream cart and served ice cream at our wedding! It was truly spectacular!! 

We took a trip out there at the weekend as it was just round the corner from a friends house, which was where I was starting my weekend away. We decided to leave about an hour earlier than I needed to so we could have a little family treat!

Pulling into Daisy Made, seeing the wooden building and beautiful cow filled fields makes anyone a little excited!

The fact that you can park your car or follow the route for the drive through, yes, it has a drive through ice cream window, already has you thinking about what possible flavours you could eat! 

On parking the car, Raph is already exclaiming "I so excited!" Yes Raph, I think we all are! We ran round to the tractor park where there is a selection of kids tractors to pedal round on. There are also opportunities to see some baby calfs, billy goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. They have a lovely open facility for the children to see right in and be near the animals. After some time in that we went round to the bouncy castle for a bounce then went on some diggers. There is also a crazy golf course and a little car racing plot.
Its was a nice place to spend an hour just playing in the sunshine.

Obviously, the best bit was going into the parlour to choose some ice cream! They had a range of flavours, cones and sizes. Giulietta had a small tub of the traditional Daisy Made flavour, which was lovely and creamy. I had a medium waffle cone with golden syrup flavour which was just amazing! So full of flavour and just so delicious! Both the boys went for Strawberry in a plain cone. All the ice cream was gone by the end of the sitting, showing that we all loved it!! 

On leaving we had a few tears from a little boy who probably could of stayed all day. It was a lovely little stop to enable us to just spend time together.

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