Monday, 21 July 2014

Party Details

Party Details

I have absolutely loved setting the house up for Raphael's birthday. 3!! 
I used The Last Detail online for my decorations. I came across it when I was trying to compare prices between a few different online sellers. These guys were a few pounds cheeper in each product so I went with them! 
They have a lovely selection of decorative bits for all kinds of parties. I loved scrolling through all of their pages of items and just couldn't stop getting ideas for things. 
I went with a Chevron pattern and lovely pale summer colours. I knew that if I was spending the money I wanted it to suit both children so I felt that what I went for was quite unisex. 
I bought some thick card bunting that was 3 metres long. I got three of these as I knew I wanted two running through the room and that they would be just a bit short, so I have cut the third to lengthen them. 

I also got some of the paper pompoms to cluster together. I got two different sets, honey comb and tissue pompoms. Mixing the colours all looks really effective, and again, quite unisex. 

I don't think any birthday is ever complete without a few balloons! I went for colours that mixed in 
with the bunting and pompoms. I got these from Party Planet in town.

Raph's cake was inspired by Roald Dahl's "Matilda". The part where Bruce Bogtrotter gets given that huge chocolate cake by Miss Trunchball to eat all by himself. I actually cheated with this cake as it is a packet cake! I know, I know, it's not hard to measure out the same ingredients but it never tastes the same!! Betty Crocker's Devil's Mix is just perfect with her chocolate Fudge topping. I then piled on smarties making it more chocolatey as Raph loves them! 

I posted the other day about my ribbon garland, so that is still up and just brings another nice colourful element to the decorated room.

I waited until the kids had gone to bed and have decorated since then. Rob has sat and wrapped his presents and we are now ready for the morning. I am pretty convinced Raph has no idea it is his birthday as I have made sure not to mention it at all! Can't wait for the surprised look on his face! Tomorrow mornings early get up will be a lot more exciting than usual! 

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