Friday, 11 July 2014

My AW14

My AW14

I often get to this point in the year and I am already looking into the Autumn fashions. I get sick of the summer sales as I find it is a mad idea to go out and buy cheap shorts and tops that will only really last me another month before I want more new stuff. Also my birthday is in August and for sometime now I always wait to go on a birthday shopping trip until September when all the shops start getting the AW looks in.
I think these feelings are all due to one thing......I love Autumn! It is my favourite season, not only for it's beauty but for fashion. I have always loved getting my boots out and wearing beautifully layered outfits for the cooler weather. I think this is why I get to this point and start researching who is producing what winter coat!
I thought I would share with you what I am looking at and what I think could be key buys to take you into AW2014!

I am a fan of River Island as they always produce on trend pieces. Here are their key buys.

Jacket £40, Trousers£40, Dress £35, Tee. £12, Trousers £32, Shirt £30
 All available at River Island

As I was saying, I really like to use my birthday as a chance to update my wardrobe and buy some bits that I know will go with a lot I already have to take me into next season. This is what I am hoping for ( think I will have to sweet talk Rob).

Jeans ASOS £30 , Floaty Top ZARA £25.99 , Mini Skirt RI £25, Ankle Boot ZARA £29.99 , Necklace ZARA £19.99, Peplum Outdoor Coat ZARA £59.99 , Hunter Boots HUNTER £89, Duster Coat Religion at ASOS £120 , Trousers RI £40.

As you can see, my choices really reflect the change in weather. I love black tights and boots, layers and stylish outerwear! 

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