Sunday, 6 July 2014

Light fittings on a budget!

Colander Lights

We hadn't decided what light fittings we wanted for our new living space. I'm not sure how the idea came about, but we saw some colanders which we thought looked like light shades. But if you look for a similar looking light shade in the shops, they are so expensive. 
Emily's flower shop uses a company called Garden Trading for some kitchen & craft bits & they have some really good value items. They had some dull green colanders (Garden Trading - Giant colanders in Clay £30 in the sale 06/07/14) which we got for a good price & decided to make our own. It was very easy if you have the right tools. I used normal lighting pendants so all you need to do is drill the right sized hole in the colander. Measure the size, I think it was 30mm & there you go.


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