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Strawberry picking at Spinney Farm

Strawberry picking

So I have been wanting to go strawberry picking for the last 2 weeks but just haven't had a chance. We have a selection of strawberry picking fields in Lincolnshire so it was hard to choose. I thought I would try Spinney Farm out near Doddington. 
As the weather has been glorious I new Raph would love a good walk around the field collecting some delicious Lincolnshire grown strawbs! In reality, I knew I would love this also!
I love anything we can do outdoors. For the kids it's a great opportunity to learn about nature, and take part in providing food for the family. Getting out and picking our own, becoming like little farmers!
We waited until Rob got home and drove the 15 minute drive to the farm where we met Rob's parents. 
The farm was very used but there were new buildings to accommodate their business. There was a small forecourt where the cars parked outside a farm shop full of vegetables and eggs. They also sold some preserves and handmade cards. Quite a quaint little shop, there for a purpose which was to provide the customer with fresh farm produce. 
We got our punnets and headed to the large poly-tunnels full of rows and rows of strawberry plants. Now unlike traditional plants where you pick them from the ground, these were grown in high troughs so no back aching bending was needed.

Raph was so excited as soon as we walked in and he quickly started pulling off the bright red strawberries. We then all started munching on a couple of them! They were delicious! So incredibly tasty. As I write this now, I have a huge bowl full sat right in front of me! 
Rob's parents were with us too and were running around after Raph. They have a really nice relationship with him, and he adores his grandad who we actually call 'Pops'. 'Grinny' (grandma) is also very taken with her grandchildren and dotes on them to the highest degree!
With punnets filling up we decided to move down to the field where more rows of troughs could be seen. These strawberries had quite a different flavour as they had been grown with all the elements, much softer but equally as tasty.
It was gloriously sunny and a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon. I think we might be back again next week!
If there is any 'PYOs' near you, I would encourage you to use and support them. These farms are a great industry and buying British straight from the field has surely got to be the finest way to enjoy strawberries!

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